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Substance Use Disorder Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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In this program we will discuss the impact of the pandemic on substance use disorder treatment and will present strategies for coping.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is an example of mass trauma, that is, trauma that affects many people. This training, designed for those who work in substance use disorder treatment programs, outlines the characteristics of the pandemic that make it traumatic, and draws on the literature of past disasters to discuss the potential long term impacts of the pandemic on the mental health of those who experience it. The training identifies people at high risk of long-term impact, which includes those with substance use disorders. The training then outlines what is known about what is helpful for people who are experiencing or recovering from trauma, suggesting strategies that staff can use to help themselves manage their own reactions to this difficult situation, and strategies that programs can use to help clients to cope with the ongoing stress of being in treatment during a pandemic.

If you have any questions or difficulty accessing the training, contact David Stanley at

Developed by the Institute for Health & Recovery with funding from the Department of Public Health, Bureau of Addiction Services.

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