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An Online Lunchtime Series from IHR’s TAPE Project

Food for Thought

Training, Discussions, and Q & A on Tobacco Education and Treatment Topics for Staff in BSAS Treatment Programs

Bring your lunch or take a break and join IHR’s TAPE Project staff on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at noon for a 1-hour series of informal online trainings on a variety of relevant topics. All staff from BSAS programs are welcome, including but not limited to Tobacco Education Coordinators.

Upcoming Trainings

October 19 | Noon – 1:00PM (Eastern)

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT): What is it? How is it used? How Can Programs get Free NRT?

Join us to learn how NRT can help people in their attempts to quit using tobacco products. We will review what NRT is and how to use it as part of a comprehensive quit plan that also addresses psychological and social factors in tobacco use. We will also share exciting information about a renewed BSAS-funded initiative to provide free NRT to eligible BSAS programs and how to apply.

November 2 | Noon – 1:00PM (Eastern)

Celebrating the Great American Smokeout

The national ‘Great American Smokeout’ occurs every third Thursday in November and is a great opportunity to encourage people to try to cut down or quit for the day and learn more about nicotine addiction and resources to start their journey to recovery. It is also a day for programs to offer fun activities and more visible support. Join us to find out how to celebrate in style and come ready to share your experience and get ideas from your colleagues.

November 16 | Noon – 1:00PM (Eastern)

Getting Ready to Make a Change in Your Tobacco Use

November 18th is American Cancer Society’s national “Great American Smokeout Day,” a date when many people who smoke or vape put their quit plans into action. Join our us if you’re interested in quitting tobacco use/vaping yourself, or if you’d like ideas and resources for helping others. 70% of current smokers wish they could quit, and recent surveys of youth and young adults who vape show an increased interest in quitting, too. In this webinar, we’ll examine what makes it hard to quit and stay quit and review effective strategies and resources that can help.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact:

Adam Meltzer
Institute for Health & Recovery


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