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Integrating parenting, mental health, and trauma counseling

Outpatient Behavioral Health

IHR offers outpatient treatment services for adults, youth, and families struggling with substance use and/or mental health issues. Clinicians work to support clients in addressing their substance use disorders by integrating parenting, mental health, and trauma counseling into treatment. IHR believes that substance use and co-occurring disorders, as well as recovery, occur in the context of family and relationships; therefore, our clinicians support family stabilization by focusing on all family members. IHR’s outpatient services include individual counseling, case management, and group treatment. Treatment occurs in home, community, and office-based settings, serving most towns in the Greater Boston area and Northeast Mass.

Mass. DPH, Bureau of Substance Abuse Services
Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP)
Area served
Greater Boston and Northeast Massachusetts

Call us: 617-661-3991

For help with substance use or mental health issues, call us at 617-661-3991. We serve most towns in greater Boston and all of northeast Massachusetts.