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IHR Responds to COVID-19

Tobacco Education & Treatment

Online and phone resources are available for tobacco treatment and cessation support. Contact TAPE Project staff for consultation and technical assistance.

We recognize that this is a stressful time to quit smoking. New research is showing that people who smoke are at higher risk for complications from COVID-19 and quitting may help lower their risk of developing severe symptoms should they contract the virus. This may increase their motivation to quit smoking, and you are a trusted partner to help them achieve this goal!

While the resources listed below can be particularly helpful in this high-stress time, your personal contact and guidance with your clients around their tobacco use is needed as always, including checking in and providing support for those at risk for relapse to tobacco use, no matter how long ago someone has quit.

Reach out to our TAPE Project team with questions or for technical assistance any time! We are here for you and your programs.

Tobacco & Vaping Education and Treatment Supports

As many of you know, a lot of smoking cessation programs have already been available in the virtual/phone space. We would like to highlight the following resources for you, your clients, and other interested staff.

MA Smokers’ Helpline

The MA Smokers’ Helpline, 1-800-QUIT-NOW can be accessed online and/or by phone.

  • The Smokers’ Helpline has specific programs and trained coaches for women who are pregnant, American Indians, and youth, as well as screening and enhanced support for people with behavioral health issues
  • People can also call the Smokers’ Helpline if they think they may relapse or if they are not yet ready to quit, but just want support


Quitworks is a referral program to the Helpline and can also be initiated online; please contact a TAPE Project team member if you are unsure whether Quitworks is a good fit for your program and clients.

Nicotine Anonymous

Nicotine Anonymous offers help to those who desire to stop using nicotine. “Nic-A” has frequent internet and phone meetings. See the list at

New Cessation Programs for Youth

New cessation programs for youth, among them “This is Quitting,” “My Life My Quit,” and


The National Cancer Institute operates Smokefree.Gov, with specific programs as the one for youth above, as well as for women, people over 60, veterans, and in Spanish (all links below and also accessible from the main site by clicking on “Explore the Smokefree Family” in the right-hand corner).

IHR’s TAPE Project

Our TAPE Project is launching a Pinterest board related to the coronavirus and taking care of ourselves on our existing Pinterest page. Check it out at

TAPE Project Team

Boston Region

Janet Smeltz
TAPE Project Director

Metro-West & Northeast Regions

Louise Katz
Tobacco Education & Treatment Specialist

Southeast & Western Regions

Kristina Fenn Silver
Tobacco Education & Treatment Specialist

Central Region

Annegret Klaua
Tobacco Education & Treatment Specialist