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Women’s & Family Programs

Dear Women’s & Family Programs,

Your programs provide much needed services for women (and their children) in recovery and IHR has witnessed your program’s dedication and commitment over the many years we have worked together. We know each of you is working very hard and is under tremendous stress. We wish we could be with you, but we are here to remotely provide a variety of services.

As part of IHR’s contract with BSAS we provide consultation, technical assistance (TA), support and training to funded programs throughout the Pregnancy Enhanced, Family Treatment and Sober Living residential systems. We know how challenging these times are regarding the stay-at-home order and the overall COVID-19 virus upheaval.

We can provide these and other services over the phone or remotely using Zoom:

  • Providing consultation to leadership teams and staff on programming needs in relation to the stay-at-home order, including but not limited to how to decrease stress level, activities/groups, tips on infant/child activities/games, self-care for staff and residents, how to help women unable to visit with children or family at this time, tips on how to nurture the daily interactions between staff and clients, creative ways to introduce fun and comfort when everyone is rightfully so freaked out, how to talk to kids about the COVID-19, etc.
  • Knowing how hard staff is working while also worried about their own families we would like to introduce elements of the Empowerment Project that will help nurture and support the dedication of staff members. By sharing and implementing reflective practice components programs can enhance how staff members feel, respond to their own needs and those of clients, and increase positive problem-solving skills overall. We would also like to support supervisors in learning reflective supervision skills to help sustain reflective practice and to support supervisors who in most programs carry a heavy load of stress.
  • Providing case consultations at the clinical level and helping to problem-solve, trouble-shoot and think proactively regarding the array of challenges during this critical time period. This could include issues like clients angry about needing to stay in program, DCF visitation concerns, safety concerns, etc.

We (Ellen and Karen) will be reaching out to each program to check-in and creatively work with you to provide the consultation/TA that will be most helpful to your program at this time. Please, respond to this email to set up a phone call to explore services we can provide free and at the ready for your programs. You can also call 857-285-6246; this is Ellen’s work direct line and leave a message, she checks messages daily.

Trying times indeed! You are not alone—even though it may feel lonely and isolating. IHR is committed to stand with you as best we can from afar extending our hands to help hold the systems together with hope and unity in this trying time of uncertainty.

With much appreciation and in collaboration,

Ellen Cullen, LMHC
Early Childhood Trauma Systems Specialist

Karen Welling, LICSW
Women’s & Children’s Services Specialist

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