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Healthier families—with your support


Thank you for being part of IHR’s journey.

For 30 years IHR has been working with families across Massachusetts: With your ongoing support IHR clinicians assist families, youth and young adults, and help them by integrating parenting, mental health and trauma counseling into treatment.

Strong leadership, community partnerships, and dedicated staff have enabled IHR to focus on serving those with complex needs such as pregnant and parenting women, families in the child welfare system and families affected by FASD.

Since 1990, IHR has grown from an agency with five staff members and a budget of a few thousand dollars, to a statewide agency with more than one hundred dedicated clinicians, trainers, and program administrators — now funded by state and federal grants in addition to generous donations by individuals like you.

Please consider a gift today.

IHR’s unique range of services keeps families together and supports them in recovering and healing. This work was the vision of our founder and executive director, Dr. Norma Finkelstein.

Your generosity can help Massachusetts families build on success. Please support Massachusetts families this year.

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