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Healthier families—with your support


Thank you for being an active partner in our work! Your generosity this past year has helped us to foster resilience and support recovery for Massachusetts families affected by substance use, domestic violence and other challenges. Stories of lives disrupted by trauma bombard our communities, but IHR’s family-focused programs change that narrative.

“Whenever I have a problem or concern surrounding my recovery or self-esteem … my counselor helps me discover for myself through support and guidance that I have the solution already inside me — I am learning to find it and gaining self-esteem and confidence.”

-Amelia (not her real name)

In IHR’s Family Recovery Project, parents who have struggled with substance use including opiate addiction and its effects on themselves and their children learn to rebuild their lives, one step at a time. Parents who have lost hope can actively and lovingly care for their children, thanks to the strength-based approach of IHR’s dedicated and caring staff. Over ten years of offering the home-based Family Recovery Project, it has resulted in increases in family stability and positive parent–child attachment, and decreases in family separation.

Please continue to help us help the 3,000 individuals IHR serves each year to find their voices through recovery.

Your generosity can help Massachusetts families build on success. Please support Massachusetts families again this year.

Yours sincerely,

Norma Finkelstein, PhD
Executive Director, IHR

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