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2016 Summary

Strategic Plan

Annually, IHR leaders meet to reconsider our mission, challenges and opportunities in order to adjust our strategic plan. We also review feedback received from consumers and others interested in IHR. This planning process considers how well our activities correspond with our mission to develop a comprehensive continuum of care for individuals, youth, and families affected by alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, mental health problems, violence/trauma and HIV/AIDS.

Highlights of IHR’s 2016 Annual Strategic plan include goals and objectives to:

Continuously improve clinical services

  • Cross training staff on multiple service interventions
  • Developing a diversified workforce
  • Investing in and empowering staff through training, incentives and opportunities for input and collaboration
  • Ensuring all aspects of IHR integrate trauma and are informed by cultural sensitivity and awareness

Integrate our Behavioral Health Services with Primary Care

  • Establishing more formal relationships with local hospitals
  • Increasing joint programming

Remain flexible to readily respond to environmental challenges and opportunities

  • Pivoting to meet trends such as the local opioid epidemic or unanticipated opportunities for new funding
  • Continuing national and local leadership roles to keep abreast of and influence upcoming policy changes

Increase organizational efficiencies

  • Enhancing and strengthening infrastructure
  • Using tools to demonstrate staff productivity
  • Making strategic and program decisions informed by objective data

Achieve financial sustainability and growth

  • Expanding outreach efforts using social media
  • Diversifying payer mix
  • Seeking additional grants and contracts
  • Identifying ways to more consistently capture co-pay revenue

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